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Bangladesh’s tight slap on India’s face! – Telegraph Nepal

N.P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: Bangladesh, a new country in South Asia was born in 1971.

This Muslim majority nation is in the world news for a variety of hair raising political drama.

This South Asian nation has of late largely drawn the attention of the international media as some events of high political import have recently taken place in this country which is likely to set a new trend in South Asian politics by changing the old traditional set up with the new one.

The new political shift that is likely to emerge or has already more or less taken a shape, it appears, shall be by default dominated by the emerging Super power China.

To begin with, a Bangladeshi research scholar, Zainal Abedin on June 26/2020 made a fervent appeal to a select group of South Asian nations wherein he suggested formation of an alliance against the Indian Spy Agency-the RAW which has been poking its nose in the internal affairs of these nations to the extent that his country was being taken as a “proxy state of India”.

Zainal even held the view that asking for India support from India during liberation war was a Himalayan blunder and the country was paying for the debt.

B’desh Foreign Minister AK Moment though beamingly accepts while talking to a DW (German News Agency interview) that India supported “us” during our liberation war.

This is what has been the pain of the entire South Asian nations being expressed by the Bangladeshi scholar Zainal.

Even the RAW paid agents may not disagree with what Zainal stated during an International Webinar held on June 26 last month.

Thus Zainal Abedin proposes that Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Maldives should form a five country alliance against the expansionist and the mother of the RAW agency which is fascist India.

Interestingly, Zainal has preferred only the Muslim countries as if majority Hindu country Nepal is free from the RAW plague?

Analysts have less knowledge of the RAW penetration of the RAW agency in baby Bhutan.

This explains Zainal’s summary hatred against India though he understand very much that his country itself was created with the overt and covert support of the Indian establishment during the days of the Iron lady of South Asia-Mrs. Indira Gandhi who was gunned down by her own Sikh security body guard, Beant Singh, in 1984 October.

Bangladesh first hit the International media headlines on July 1st when a highly secured and defended secret meet of the Pakistani High Commissioner Imran Ahmed Siddiqui with the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister A.K Abdul Momen took place in Dhaka which for two to three weeks remained a guarded secret until the Turkish news agency Anadolu leaked the all about of the Pak-B’desh secret meet.

This undisclosed meet must have made the India’s Gang of Four (PM Modi, Ajit Doval, Jayshankar and Amit Shah) to go for several sleepless nights. The drowsiness must not have yet ended to the Indian scoundrels who are themselves nothing less than a chronic plague for entire South Asia, to speak honestly.

However, this Pak-B’desh surreptitious talks to a greater extent have allowed both countries to reset their estranged ties.

Increasing and sound Dhaka-Islamabad ties are important in that such friendship shall time permitting blunt Delhi’s solo dictates being imposed on the regional countries.

Responding to the foul cry in Indian media on this secret meet, the Bangladesh FM A. K Abdul Momen said to the Turkish media that “those who are afraid of our friendship to all are mentally weak. The situation is like a guilty mind is always suspicious”.

FM Momen also said that “he saw Indian media reports about B’desh–Pakistan ties as “production of weak minds”, so wrote Md. Kamaruzzman and Aaamir Latif for the Anadolu media outlet.

Similarly, the Pakistan Foreign office spokeswomen Aisha Farooqui said her country ‘has a keen desire to see bilateral relations and people’s relations with B’desh improve and strengthen”, write Md. Kamaruzzman and Aaamir Latif for the Turkish News Agency Anadolu dated July 30/20202.

According to this Turkish Agency the “number of advisors sympathetic to Pakistan has increased in Hasina’s government. As a result, the news agency states “advisors keeping close ties with India have lost importance in the government”.

Speaks lot of the increasing Dhaka-Islamabad ties soon after this secret meet. Not bad.

Needless to say, Bangladesh came into existence with the bifurcation of Pakistan into two halves.

The Pakistani pain is understandable but yet Pakistan has already reconciled with the current South Asian reality.

Prime Minister Julfikar Ali Bhutto’s trip to Dhaka in the mid-seventies perhaps had already hinted that the two nations have already reconciled with each other.

An Indian journalist wrote recently on this Dhaka-Islamabad clandestine meet that “much to the dismay of India, which counts Bangladesh as its trusted friend in the SA region, the cell phone (between the two Prime Ministers Imran Khan and Sheikh Hasina) marks nothing short of a diplomatic coup for Pakistan”.

Analysts in Nepal have reasons to say that it was a victory of the both.

Frankly speaking, this meet was more than a diplomatic coup in the South Asian political landscape and thus it paved possibly the way for the emergence of some new alignments/realignments for the upcoming years and decades.

The puzzling alignments are in the making already. Indications to this effect have already come to the political scene, like it or not the choice is yours.

The new Dhaka-Islamabad tie up shall mean much to the South Asian politics that has been plagued by the Indian highhandedness.

South Asia is likely to become a conglomerate of nations that has immense hatred for the Indian dominion born 1947.

Naturally this assemblage of smaller nations of South Asia will see the exclusion of the SA plague.

As per senior South Asian emissaries who have had their stint in Bangladesh in the past, Prime Minister Khan talked with his B’deshi counterpart on matters related to the strengthening of the SAARC body and also stressed on the need for the world leaders including Bangladesh to listen to the continued trauma of the “open air jail” that is India occupied Kashmir. The Kashmiri population have been held hostage by the brutal Indian government in the valley since August 5/2019.

Eight million Indian security forces have made the life of the local people a hell and yet the world leaders have kept a silence? This is puzzling indeed. World leaders mature now.

PM Khan pleaded, say Pakistani sources, Sheikh Hasina to listen to the jam of the Kashmiri Muslims and impress upon the fascist Indian government at her convenience, however, Sheikh Hasina remained tight lipped on the issue of the Kashmir occupation by the Indian military forces.

However, A. K. Abdul Momen is on record to have said talking to the German News Agency, DW, that neither Delhi thought it appropriate to brief Dhaka when Article 370 was scrapped by the Indian Parliament nor Pakistan as a Muslim nation have had formally talked with Dhaka on the issue of the Kashmiri plight after the Indian step taken on Kashmir last year on August 5/2019.

But now as a majority Muslim country in South Asia, Bangladesh is bound to speak on the endless trouble being faced by the Kashmiri Muslims inside the valley sooner than later.

PM Hasina can’t ignore the Kashmiri issue for longer period, it is believed.

Kenneth Roth, the executive director, Human Rights Watch, New York, very freshly stated that “Prime Minister Modi has been ‘recasting’ the history of India from that of a secular democracy accommodating a uniquely diverse population to that of a Hindu nation that dominates its minorities especially the country’s two hundred million Muslims”.

In the same manner, Mjal Shrika wrote in his twitter account that “not only Islamic middle east but also cities after cities in the United Kingdom and the United States of America have begun to denounce the gross Human Rights violations by the Fascist Hindutva regime. It is time for the civilized world to help stop the genocide in Kashmir”.

It is almost a year when the Indian establishment had pounced upon the Kashmiri population, August 5/2019.

Yet another jolt to India’s G-4 (Gang of four) was awarded by the Chinese regime when it provided grand tariff exemption for 97% of exports from Bangladesh.

The Chinese trade tariff concessions to Bangladesh has already come into force that heavily benefits the country which was in the fold/fist of the Indian regime since its birth in 1971.

This is China’s quiet diplomacy at its best. China easily inched closer to Bangladesh by default.

However, a Kolkata newspaper described the Chinese trade concessions granted by Beijing to Dhaka as a “Khairati” which means charity.

Indians can only go so low. Their DNA forces them to assassinate the characters of “competing” others.

China is not a choice in South Asia but now a compelling compulsion to deter India’ Modi led fascist regime.

And diplomatic sources have described, according to the Indian media reports, the Chinese move as a “major success in Dhaka-Beijing relationship”.

This Beijing-Dhaka “my dear friendship” broke the spinal cord of the erratic South Asian hooligan-the Indian dominion born 1947, whose Independence was awarded by the British Parliament.

As if these surprises were not enough, Bangladesh gave yet another shocking astonishment to India when the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) signed an agreement with the Beijing Urban Construction Group Ltd (BUCG) for the construction of a new airport terminal at Sylhet, Bangladesh.

All these events perhaps amply suggest that Dhaka prefers now a relaxed distance with Delhi which officially takes the Bangladeshi Muslim nationals as “termites”.

Amit Shah is on record to have made an insulting and highly humiliating comment on B’desh nationals, if one were to recall.

This agreement with the Chinese company for the Sylhet airport terminal, has practically alarmed New Delhi in that it borders India’s northeastern region and therefore is considered a security-sensitive area for the Gang of Four Regime in Delhi.

Yet another near to death blow to Delhi from Dhaka follows.

The Indian High Commissioner in Bangladesh Riva Ganguly Das tried for all along the past five months (beginning this year so to say) or so for an “urgent” audience with the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed.

Unfortunately, her passionate appeal was deliberately ignored by the B’desh Prime Minister’s office in Dhaka which now speaks so many things unspoken.

The PM’s office clarified that the observation of the “social distancing” may have caused this embarrassment to India.

But, B’desh did what was in its national interests. Kudos.

Delhi must not have any extra excitement over its ties with Dhaka since a self-motivated political modification has already taken place or is in the making in South Asia with the smooth entrance of China which is at best cultivating and cementing its ties with India’s immediate neighbors who now prefer to come out from the firm grips of the former slave of the British India Company.

“In fact China is reaping the unexpected political benefits (it is windfall for China) from the failed neighborhood first policy of the highly arrogant and mischievous New Delhi regime now controlled by four recognized naughty crooks”.

The Indian High Commissioner Riva Ganguly Das out of sheer humiliation and insolence that she felt when summarily ignored by the office of the Bangladesh Prime Minister, suddenly went in hibernation for a week or so and made her way to some villages outside the Dhaka city.

Riva Ganguly after braving the “deserved insult of the Himalayan magnitude” in Dhaka nevertheless met for a farewell meeting with Foreign Minister A. K. Abdul Moment on July 14/2020.

With the Chinese entrance in Bangladesh quietly, India has tentatively lost one of its trusted ally in the South Asian region.

Thanks Baby Bhutan has not yet declared revolt against terrorist India.

Writes Arafatul Islam for the German news agency-DW, just the other day that “B’desh souring relations with India come as China is trying to build a network of allies in South Asia, and Beijing and Dhaka have been increasing cooperation in many sectors”.

Fascist India is the number one loser in South Asia.

On August 5/2020, India is expected to lose something more substantial.

Last but not the least, the Ayodhya Lord Ram temple ceremony scheduled for 5 August ( Interestingly Lord Ram was born in Hindu country Nepal instead of India’s fake claim that the lord was born in Utter Pradesh, India)  has already sparked off considerable unease in neighboring Bangladesh which is led by a Muslim Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed.

Nepal Prime Minister KP Oli authentically claims that Lord Ram was the son of Nepali soil.  

How Bangladesh and other Muslim nations housed in the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) react on the August 5/2020, move being mistakenly taken by India’s rouge Hindutva regime will have to be watched. Lord Ram temple is being built by demolishing Babri Mosque, claim the Muslim countries across the globe.

Turkey led by President Erdogan is the most vocal to logically attack the fanatic Hindu regime controlled by the gang of four in India for the callous demolition of the Mosque-Babri.

Moreover, how the domestic Muslims in India digest the August 5th BJP initiate controversial ceremony will determine the fate of the Indian dominion.  How Assauddin Obaisi-a very powerful Muslim leader from Hyderabad, India reacts to the August 5 (mis)adventure will set the tone of the future of the Indian dominion.

Writes a Nepali analyst Bhim Bhurtel July 27, 2020 for the Asia Times that, “Although India’s strategists, politicians, many strategic analysts, and foreign-policy journalists who are cheerleaders of the BJP’s Hindu nationalist agenda, noting that India has gained support from the US and the Quad countries, none of the South Asian countries except Bhutan, an Indian protectorate, have supported New Delhi”.

This explains as to where India stands now as of today.  Good bye India. That’s all.


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