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Hindu woman abducted, converted and married by Muslim man in Pakistan

The brutalities against minorities continue unabated in the terrorist state of Pakistan as yet another deplorable act of abduction of minority Hindus has been reported from the country after a young Hindu woman named Kavita was abducted and forcibly married off in Sindh, Pakistan.

According to activist Rahat Austin, few armed men led by one person named as Muhammad Adil entered a house of Hindus on Thursday, attacked the entire family and abducted a woman identified as Kavita from her village in Rajamari, Sindh. The armed Muslim mob kidnapped the Hindu woman to sexually exploit her, the activist said.

Kavita is already married to a person named Himraj Kohli. The Hindu family soon lodged a complaint at a local police station in Pangrio. However, the police have refused to help the family, Rahat Austin said.

The family of the victim said that the abductors had threatened to rape and murder Kavita after brutally attacking the entire family.

Hindu women forcefully converted and married off

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A day later, Kavita has been forcefully converted into Islam and made to marry the abductor, despite the fact that she is already married. In the below video, it can be seen how the lady is being forced into marriage to the abductor Muhammad Adil, who is sitting next to her.

Atrocities on Hindus in the Sindh province of Pakistan, which is home to nearly 90 per cent of Pakistan’s Hindu population has increased lately. 

Recently, Pakistani activist Rahat Austin had reported a gruesome incident in which Hindu youth was brutally murdered by slitting his throat. The dead body of a Hindu youth named, Mohan Bagari, was recovered from the river in Hala city, which is a Taluka in Mitiari district of Sindh, Pakistan.

102 Hindus in Sindh forced to take up Islam

Last month, we had reported how 102 Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam in the Golarchi district which falls under Badin district of Sindh province, Pakistan. This was not all, it has also been reported that all the idols of Hindu gods kept in a local temple were destroyed and the premises was converted into a mosque.

14-year-old Hindu girl abducted in Sindh

In fact, last month the activist had shared a video, where the mother of an abducted Hindu girl was seen broken down with grief. She kept on saying that “It’s a curse to be born in an Islamic country.” In the incident, which reportedly happened on 27th June in Saedabad, Hala Mitiari, of Sindh province Pakistan, a 14-year-old Hindu girl was abducted and taken for sexual exploitation. She was also forced to convert to Islam, confirmed Rahat Austin.

Pakistan has a history of atrocities against the minority community. Non-Muslims in Pakistan, Hindus especially are persecuted greatly by the Muslims of the country. Women are raped at an alarming frequency, forcibly converted to Islam and life is made hell for them.


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