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Love jihad started from Kerala, Karnataka and reached UK, Pakistan and Bangladesh – Pledge Times


  • Recently there have been many cases of alleged love jihad in UP city of Kanpur
  • The discussion of Love Jihad is almost a decade old, it started from the states of South India
  • Today, cases of love jihad are being seen outside the country in Britain, Pakistan and Bangladesh also.

In Kanpur these days, the case of alleged love jihad is catching on. Opposition is being voiced by Hinduist organizations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. There have been allegations that an organized gang is active in the city after five cases of conversion were revealed. It is alleged that the members of this gang hide their identity and create fake ID on social media. Not only this, by marrying girls of other religions, they convert them and marry them. The police are also surprised by the serious allegations. The IG has now constituted the SIT in this matter. Let’s know what is love jihad:

First issue in 2009
In 2009, for the first time in Kerala and Karnataka, there were widespread cases of conversion of Hindu girls to Hinduism. Gradually, cases of love jihad were claimed in Pakistan and Britain outside the country and even outside India. From time to time, Hindu, Sikh and Christian organizations have expressed their concern about this. However, Muslim organizations have denied these allegations.

Yogi in action on ‘Love Jihad’, said – do not spare anyone who marries by keeping girls in deception

The issue was raised by the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council
Initial cases of love jihad occurred in Kerala and Mangalore area of ​​coastal Karnataka. In October 2009, the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council claimed that around 4,500 girls were targeted for love jihad. At the same time, the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti alleged that 30 thousand girls were converted in Karnataka alone.

Sikh Council discussed in the year 2014
The Sikh Council received reports in 2014 that girls from Sikh families in Britain were being implicated in love jihad. They said that these girls later faced violence at the hands of husbands, some were left in Pakistan forever.

Kanpur: What is the truth of Love Jihad allegation? ‘Gang’ in mixed population … Love, deception again conversion!

Accusations against SIMI, Popular Front of India
The fundamental Islamic organization SIMI and then Popular Front of India were responsible for the love jihad. Some films in Kerala were accused of promoting Love Jihad. However their makers termed these allegations baseless.

Akhila changed her religion to become Saadia

In 2017, Akhila became Hadiya, case reached Supreme Court
In May 2017, the Kerala High Court outlawed the marriage of Hindu girl Akhila (Hadiya after conversion) and Muslim youth Shafin Jahan. The basis behind this was that it did not have the consent of Akhila’s family. Akhila’s father said that conversion and marriage are connected to Iraq and Syria. The court declared Nikah as illegal on the fact that many youths are converting in Kerala to join notorious terrorist organizations IAIS. On appeal against it in the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court overturned the decision of the High Court and said that Akhila is free to marry on her own terms. Yes, the court told the NIA to continue investigating the case with Terror Angle.

Bangladesh to kidnap Chennai girl from UK! Investigation by the angle of love jihad

Church of Kerala warns again in 2020
A Catholic Church in Kerala raised the issue of ‘Love Jihad’, claiming that a large number of women from the Christian community of the state are being lured into Islamic State and terrorist activities. A body of priests headed by Cardinal George Allenchary also accused the state government of not taking matters of ‘love jihad’ seriously. The Islamic organization Popular Front of India (PFI) denied the allegations, while the Vishwa Hindu Parishad welcomed the statement.

‘Christians convert to ISIS again’
The synagogue of the clergy cited a police record, stating that half of the 21 people admitted to IS were Christians who had changed their religion. This event should be an eye opener for the entire community. It has also been learned that many girls were being used in terrorist activities through Love Jihad. This is a serious matter, love jihad is not a fantasy. ‘

Kerala Church claims – IS making terrorists by implicating Christian girls in ‘love jihad’

Students from Chennai reach Bangladesh from UK in Love Jihad
In August 2020, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has filed a case of human trafficking against some Bangladeshi nationals. The case relates to kidnapping of a student living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, who was kidnapped from the UK to Bangladesh. The NIA is investigating this case from the angle of Love Jihad. In this case, the woman’s father filed a case with CCB on 21 May.

Meerut Love Jihad: Shamshad arrest in mother-daughter murder case


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