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‘Maaro, Kaato’, Islamists attack Hindu family over Facebook post in Kanpur

In a brutal incident which occurred on September 18, 2020, in Makanpur village, Kanpur, Muslims by the thousands attacked a Hindu family in broad daylight, over an alleged Facebook post, posted inadvertently by a class 4 child. In an attack which lasted for over 3 hours, the irate Islamist mob allegedly pelted stones at the Hindu family’s residence, used ladders to climb over to the roof of the house, vandalised and looted the house and attacked the family members including the aged and the women of the house. Alok Gupta, the owner of the house, was critically injured in the ensuing, while his aged mother and paralysed father escaped with minor injuries.

An FIR against 58 mobsters in Bilhaur PS, Uttar Pradesh has been filed on September 21 in this regard.

Copy of the FIR filed in Makanpur PS naming 58 rioters

When the incident came to the fore, Bajrang Dal’s State Secretary Ramji Tiwari wrote a letter to the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to apprise him about this particular incident and the deteriorating conditions of the Hindus in the area.

In the letter acquired by OpIndia, Ramji Tiwari explained how the minor child of Alok Gupta, a resident of Bilhaur tehsil of Makanpur district in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, while doing online studies, inadvertently, posted some post on his father’s Facebook profile which irked some Islamists in the area.

Bajrang Dal leader writes to UP CM Yogi Adityanath
Bajrang Dal leader writes to UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Next morning, before the family could realise, Islamists in hundreds of thousands accumulated in front of Alok’s house. Amidst “maro, kaato” and other provocative slogans the irate mob started pelting stones at Alok Gupta’s house.

Within no time, some miscreants climbed on to the roof of Alok’s house and started ransacking, vandalising and looting the house. Not even sparing a second for any sort of explanation, the angry mob pushed Alok’s aged mother and paralysed father to a corner and began to mercilessly beat up Alok. They snatched the jewellery from the women and looted the cash in the house as Alok lied lifeless in a pool of blood.

All this happened in broad daylight, in the presence of police personnel, said Ramji Tiwari. Mobiles and cameras of some local journalists and local youths who were trying to capture the incident were also broken by the Islamists who stood outside Alok Gupta’s house chanting slogans. A local journalist of Kanpur named Luvkush Katiyar was brutally assaulted by the mob. Due to the grave injuries he incurred in the brawl, Katiyar had to be admitted to the ICU in a hospital in Kanpur.

Ramji Tiwari added that not only Alok’s family but other Hindu families residing in the area have also been badly affected in this incident, and now they have also decided to leave Makanpur. The Hindus which have been reduced to a minority in that area, are living under constant threat. Saying so, Ramji requested the CM to take cognisance of the incident and demanded that strict action is taken against the perpetrators named in the FIR.

“Poora Tandav teen ghante tak chalta raha”, confirms the Hindu family which came under attack from the irate Islamist mob in Kanpur.

OpIndia has also accessed videos, where the beleaguered Hindu family members narrate their ordeal. Alok’s mother is describing how at around 8 in the morning a mob suddenly attacked their house and before they could realise what was happening their entire house was ransacked and looted. “Poora Tandav teen ghante tak chalta raha”, the entire ruckus continued for over 3 hours, confirms the family which came under attack from the irate Islamist mob. Alok’s mother says that the mob who entered the house pushed her and her paralysed husband and beat up Alok mercilessly. They ransacked the Mandir in the house and also vandalised the idol, recalls Alok’s mother. She also confirms hearing gunshot like noises coming from outside her house.

She furthers that none of the police personnel who watched like mute spectators came to their rescue. Only after Alok was severely beaten up, two police constables went inside and took him out, recollects Alok’s mother, lamenting that they have been rendered homeless.

Another family member adds that the Bilhaur PS Station Officer, inspector, everyone was present there but no one helped. In fact, they later took Alok away and since the incident happened during the weekend, Alok was kept in police custody for the next few days.

While the third person present in the video confirmed that the people who attempted to record the incident were also beaten up and their mobiles were broken by the frenzied Islamist mob.

OpIndia spoke to the victims nephew

OpIndia also spoke to Alok’s nephew- Kunal, who informed that due the constant pursuance of the Bajrang Dal activists, the Bilhaur PS SHO- Santosh Kumar Awasthi and Makanpur PS in-charge- Ved Prakash Mishra, who had allegedly tried to shield the accused and impede the investigation into the case, have been transferred from their posts.

Distressed by the prevailing legal system, Kunal lamented that it’s been a week since the incident happened, but no action has yet been taken against the miscreants. The Bilhaur police, Kanpur had made a few arrests, but the IPC sections invoked against them were so weak that they were immediately released on bail. He also confirmed that another few miscreants who were brought to the police station were allowed to walk free without even being asked a single question. Kunal alleged that the members of the mob had bribed the police, because of which no action was initiated against them.

OpIndia also tried to contact the Kanpur SP city Rajkumar Agarwal and SP rural Brajesh Kumar Srivastav but could not get in touch with them. We would update the article in case we get a statement from the police.

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