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Nearly 180 Afghan Hindu and Sikhs likely to be evacuated in the near future | India News

AMRITSAR: There is likelihood of evacuation of around 180 Afghanistani Sikhs and Hindus including majority of the relatives of those who were killed in April 25 Kabul gurudwara attack from the war-torn nation to India on Wednesday.
A source in Kabul informed TOI on Monday that the minority Hindu and Sikh community was panicked following a spate of attacks on them and also blamed Afghan Sikh leadership for not showing any concern of their safety. “As many as 180 Sikhs and Hindus are likely to leave Kabul on Wednesday”, said the source adding that community leaders had held a meeting in local gurudwara to contemplate about the circumstances in which they were living in Afghanistan.
He informed that for decades, the Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan had been victims of discrimination, terror, violence, and persecution at the hands of extremists which was now responsible for their mass exodus. Their numbers in Afghanistan had come down to just around 700 from one lakh.
Earlier on July 26 eleven Afghanistani Sikhs and Hindus including a Sehajdhari Sikh Nidan Singh and a young girl Salmeet Kaur had arrived India .Nidan was kidnapped and was rescued by Afghan forces while Kaur was lured by a Muslim boy to marry him. Kaur’s father and uncle had died in the March 25 Kabul gurudwara attack in which 25 Sikh worshippers had died.

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