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PAKISTAN Msgr Shaw calls for justice for 11 Pakistani Hindus killed in India

The Archbishop organized a press conference which was also attended by religious leaders of different faiths. The Hindus of India are not ready to accept any minority and even the lower caste Hindus are not safe there. A commission should be organized which also includes the United Nations and the Pakistani consulate.

Lahore (AsiaNews) – Justice for the 11 Pakistani Hindus killed in India was requested by the Pakistani Catholic Archbishop Sabastian Shaw who on 26 September organized a press conference in which religious leaders of different faiths also took part.

In August, the bodies of 11 Pakistanis from a single family were found on an agricultural farm in the Indian district of Jodhpur, in the state of Rajasthan, where they worked in the village of Lodta. The family had migrated to India from Pakistan and now only one is left alive. Indian police have launched an investigation to ascertain the cause of the incident.

Amarnath Randhawa from the Hindu community stated that they have recorded their demonstration in front of Indian High Commission office against this tragic incident which has revealed the true face of India. They have not sent the report of this incident mentioning about how they had been killed and what was really happened to them which has become another issue. “Our community has decided that till we get the report we will sit there in front of Indian High Commission,” said Randhawa. “We are happy – he added – that this conference has ensured that all of us Pakistanis, even belonging to different religions, are side by side”. He argued that all those who go to other countries and India for a safe life should know they are wrong because “in Pakistan we are safe and we have freedom”.

Sardar Bishan Singh thanked the Archbishop for organizing this conference and strongly condemned the killing of innocent people in India. He also recalled several episodes of extremists attacks on Sikhs, Muslims (Babri Mosque, Explosion in the train) and now the killing of Pakistani Hindus. India must include a Pakistani commission in the investigation and must punish those found guilty.  He also said that for the Sikh religion the land of Pakistan is holy because of Nankana Sahab, but it is also sacred for Hindus as their old temples are located there, we cannot leave. In India no one is safe: Heryana’s Sikh students, Muslims and our Christian community are facing a lot of persecution, we ask for peace for all minorities in India. We assure the Hindus that we are all with the Hindu community and demand justice for them.

Maulana M. Asim Makhdoom, Religious scholar of Muslims in his speech had said that we all the Muslims will fight for our Hindu community because they were not only Hindus but they were Pakistanis as well. We all the Muslims will fight for them and assure their families that we all are brothers and will not leave them at this hour of sorrow and request United Nations to intervene in this case since they care of all the humanity. If these innocent Hindus will not get Justice we all will go to Wagah Border carrying white flags and say that our Hindu brother did not get Justice and will speak against the silence of India and United Nations.

Archbishop Sabastian Shaw, Archbishop of Lahore diocese in his address had said that killing of any Human Being even at any place in the world is condemnable and family who went there in India having the purpose of visiting their families and tourism keeping in mind that they are going to a safe place were wrong, their whole family have been killed which frightens us all. It is not the first incident in India, in 2002 at Adisa and Gujrat many Christians were killed and even many of them were burnt alive, the Hindus of India are not ready to accept any Minority even the low caste Hindus are not secure there. Therefore, we all belonging to different faiths are united here strongly condemn and demand Justice for our 11 Pakistani Hindus. And we appeal that they should organize a commission and include United Nations and even Pakistani consulate in India too so there is a just report keeping in mind the honor of humanity investigates the case and make sure that all the people may live in Peace

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