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Politician named Manisha Chakraborty slaughters 5 cows to distribute meat on Eid

With complete disregard for the sentiments of the Hindu community, one Communist politician named Dr Manisha Chakraborty and her fellow comrades have reportedly distributed beef during the occasion of Bakr Eid on Saturday in Barisal, Bangladesh. The 30-year-old is the member secretary of the district committee of Bangladesh Samajtantrik Dal (Bangladesh Socialist party).

Manisha went live on Facebook to describe her motives behind the ‘noble’ gesture. At the very onset, she said that the outbreak of Coronavirus had forced the poor people to cancel their celebration for Eid and how that she and her team were ensuring that the ‘downtrodden’ were not left behind.

We have sacrificed 5 cows here, reveals Manisha

Aikhana panchti goru kurbani daowa hoyecha o seta ke process kora hoyeche (We have sacrificed 5 cows and processed the meat),” Dr. Manisha was heard as saying. She said that slaughtering 5 cows within such a short time was difficult but her comrades and the group of volunteers were able to pull off the uphill task. Manisha said that she had prepared a list of 50 such poor families in each of the 30 wards in the Barisal district who would be given 1kg of beef and 1 kg of rice for making pulao.

Informs that they fed 5000 people last year

Taking credit for the task, Manisha then pointed the camera towards the packets filled with cow meat to emphasise the hard work put by her team. She said that her team had been working tirelessly since 7 am in the morning, on the day of Eid. A man representing the party at the district level said, “Last year, we had fed around 5000 families… We have raised funds to purchase 5 cows and sacrifice it ourselves…We thank everyone who helped us in doing this.”

Plans to sacrifice 30 cows next year

Agami kurbani te 30 ta ward e minimum 30 ta goru kurbani dibo (Next year, on Eid, we will sacrifice of minimum of 30 cows to feed the people in 30 wards of the district),” the politician shared her future plans. Invoking the example of Mir Jafar who was a traitor and betrayed Bengal’s king Sirajuddulah in the Battle of Plassey, he said “Conspirators have failed. History is a testimony to the fact that those who work for the people can only succeed.”

Manisha then took the centre stage and claimed, “We are one family. We share grief and happiness together… We mourn and celebrate together… Since everyone here devoted their time to make this possible, it truly exemplifies the meaning of sacrifice.”

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