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Protest in favour of temple construction

Islamabad : A group of young activists organised a protest in front of National Press Club in the favor of building Hindu temple in Islamabad.

The protesters were holding placards inscribed with slogans around the concept that Pakistan belongs to all Pakistanis. There were placards with quotes from Quaid-e-Azam promising religious freedom to minorities whereas there were other about the protection given by Islam to people belonging to religions other than Islam.

They chanted slogans in favor of religious freedom and protection and urged government not to succumb to extremists which are actually the minority in the country. ‘KIs Ka Hay Yeh Pakistan-Hindu Cristian, Musalmaan’ was the main slogan of the protesters.

While strictly observing social distancing, the activists made speeches and recited revolutionary poetry of Habib Jalib and Faiz to express their solidarity with the Hindu minority. “Islam guarantees security and protection to minorities. Our constitution ensures the same in its basic principles,” said a student Eman Khan while talking to The News.

Another protester Waqar Masood said that there was no protests while we were opening Kartar Pur then why building a temple attracted such negative attention. “Islam gives complete freedom and protection to minorities. If you study the history of Mughals and Ottomans, minorities were given due importance and were part of state affairs. Even in Riyasat e Madina, all rights were given. Then from where this extremist narrative came?” he said.

Hashim Raza said that minority representatives didn’t join the protest because of the possibility of getting targeted after that. “The extremists are in minority but they are always successful in creating fear and pressure. We have gathered here against that,” he said.

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