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Social media star goes on anti-Hindu rant on live air

In an interview with Pakistani news channel GNN on September 23, Pakistani social media sensation, Nimra Ali, went on a vicious Hinduphobic tirade on live air. Ali, who has recently risen to prominence, spewed deep-seated venom against the minority Hindu community during her appearance on Tv.

Referring to Hindus as ‘goats’ and ridiculing the death of Hindus during the partition of India, she said, “Kashi mein saari bakriya chadh gayi, Gandhi Nehru matam manao Hindu ki maiya maar gayi (All goats have been hung in Kashi. It is time for Gandhi and Nehru to grieve as the mother of Hindus have perished.)”

The most astonishing part of the interview was that the anchors, instead of condemning the anti-Hindu couplet, applauded her in unison and heaved praise for her actions.

Nimra Ali apologises for her remarks

Following a social media backlash for her hate speech on live air, Nimra Ali was forced to tender an apology. While replying to Hindu activist Kapil Dev who pointed out her ignorant and jingoistic behaviour, Ali said, “I am so sorry Kapil Dev. Sir, I was just copying a character done by Sajal Ali (one of my favourite actresses), didn’t want to hurt you or anyone from the Hindu community.”

Pakistani anchor makes anti-Hindu remarks against Hindu Baniyas

Earlier, the anchor of a show on Pakistan news channel, Newsone, made a vile anti-Hindu comment while trying to hold India responsible for the landmine blast in South Balochistan on May 1 that has left 6 Pakistani soldiers and a Major dead. While trying to take potshots at India, the anchor said, “Hindu Baniya aab aukat se bahar nikalna lag gaya hai“. It loosely translates as “Hindu Baniya is going out of hands.” The video was aired in Pakistan on 9th May 2020.

At around 3 minute into the video, the news anchor, while holding India responsible for the instability in Pakistan, says that Pakistani Army’s restrain should not be considered its weakness. “Till when will we stay quiet because now the Hindu Baniya has crossed all limits,” he says.

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