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The charge of the Hindu American Foundation, the Democratic Party became a mute specter of ‘Hinduphobia’. america

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) wrote in a post on the social media platform ‘Medium’, ‘It has been known that after talking to Indian American voters, many Indian American Democratic Party (American) Democratic Party) Why are leaving.

Washington. Accusing the party leadership of growing ‘Hinduphobia’ (hatred towards Hindus) within the Democratic Party and being a mute spectator, the US warned on Friday that, if it was not stopped. So this influential religious minority community can give its support to the Republican Party. The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) warning has come at this time. When in some recent surveys, the inclination of Indian Americans from the Democratic Party to Republican and President Donald Trump is indicated.

The HAF wrote in a post on the social media platform ‘Medium’, ‘After talking to Indian American voters, it is being known that why many Indians are leaving the American Democratic Party. Check out their WhatsApp conversation. So the recent anti-India activism of the so-called Super Progressive Unit of the Democratic Party is revealed. With which Amar Shergill is associated.

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It alleges that, Shergill, president of the California Democratic Progressive Caucus, is campaigning against all Indian Americans and Hindu lawmakers and Democratic Party officials, along with another California-based political activist, Peter Friedrich, while the top leadership of the Democratic Party So far, it has remained mute spectator. Also read: US: H-1B to invest Rs. 1100 crores on training of businesses, Indians will have problems

The HAF alleged that it was elected to the House of Representatives. First Hindu MP Tulsi Gabbard, Democratic Party candidate Srinivas Kulkarni from Texas and Padma Kuppa from Democratic Party are facing alleged Hinduphobia in the party.

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